December 6, 2014

“Starry Nights over the …..”



“Starry Nights over the …..” or “Cyclops riding a dragon throwing fireballs” if you prefer.
The beginning.
I arrived at the shop on this morning with an invitation to show my artistic wares in a gallery on the plaza, and a tiled print of Van Gogh’s Starry Nights sized to fit a 34″ piece of float glass. When I attempted to square up the float glass it broke. I had a 34″ x 70″ piece of tempered glass and an idea. I already had the flat back marbles, so I sat down and started gluing. After I completed the river of marbles, I was discussing what the next step of this project would be with my friend Colin. He thought my river looked like a nebula. I felt an urgency to complete the project and move on to the next one to have enough for a show (12-15 pieces) so I was trying to fill space quickly with the glass shards representing shooting stars. Then I remembered it takes 6 months for the glue to dry clear and slowed down and gave this piece the opportunity to evolve. I removed the glass shards which I had not glued down yet, decided to call the piece “Nebula”, and started looking around my shop for ideas.

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