December 21, 2014

The Creative Process

Painting with glass

Painting with glass is how I would explain the mosaic and stained glass processes. I find both processes to be relaxing and soothing.
I find that a piece of work evolves as you cut, glue and place the pieces . Despite the planning, changes occur along the way which always make the work better than originally conceived.
I enjoy the constant decision making required to complete a mosaic or stained glass creation.
I often asks myself, which material will best illustrate what I am trying to portray? How can I use light and texture to enhance the project and create movement , depth, or some other illusion? How will I cut the material to make it flow? How do I intrigue the viewer’s eye and mind? These questions insure a well thought out project..
I still say oooh, aaah, the first time light hits a finished piece and the images dance across the room reflected by the rainbow of color shining through the glass.
My art works are “NOT” acrylic or oil or watercolor paintings or photographs. They are breathtaking art formed with hundreds and or thousands of pieces of stained glass, stone, or found objects.
My art glass mosaic and stained glass creations add beauty, balance and harmony to any environment.

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